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Apps for Parents


With Autobrain's teen safety mode on, teens are forced to think a little bit more about safety because they know that you will be alerted if they speed or drive dangerously and that you can see where they are and how they are driving at all times with car finder. They will also be protected by Autobrain's "alway on" safety and money saving features and could probably benefit from some of the alerts geared towards newer drivers, like "car left on" alerts. (PS. Autobrain will alert you if it gets unplugged)


RoadReady App

SCDMV approved app to track 40 hours behind the wheel that is parent responsibility.  This app is exclusive to Trussell Driving School and allows us to track your child's progress.

School Code:  Thedrivecoach

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Callie Wise State Farm - North Myrtle Beach

Printable Forms

Parent Driving Pledge

Parent/Teen Contract

SCDMV Supervised Driving Log

Teen Licensing Links

**Practice Permit Questions App

Documents Needed @ DMV for Beginners Permit

DriveitHOME - Tips to help

How to do more than just survive driving with my child

National Highway Traffic Saftey Administration

Online Practice Permit Test

Online Sample Permit Test

Practice the Permit Knowledge Test

State Farm Teen Saftey

Teens in the Driving Seat