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Driver Education FAQs


How old must I be to attend your course?

Do I have to have my permit to attend your course?

What must I do to get scheduled for a class?

Is there a benefit to taking the full-course rather than individual hourly instruction?

Can I just show up for a class that I know is scheduled?

How often do you have classes?

Can I transfer my monies from one classroom session to another?

Do I need to bring anything for class?

Are there any classroom rules I need to know about?

Once we complete the classroom, when do we start driving?


What is the advantage to taking the full-course rather than individual hourly instruction?

How do I cancel a BTW (behind the wheel session)


Do you offer refunds?

Behind the Wheel

Do you offer just hourly driving instruction?

Are students insured while riding in your cars?

Do you offer free pick-up and drop-off for students?

How are the driving sessions scheduled?

How long will it take to finish the BTW lessons?

Can a parent or friend ride in the backseat during the lesson?

What if I forget about a lesson or have to cancel?

Passing the Road Test

Once I have completed the course, am I guaranteed to pass my road test with the highway department?